Power tools for PROFESSIONALS -Made in Germany

While working you request reliability, speed and precision – not only day by day, but year by year.

BAIER power tools and accessories are best suited to achieve these objectives. Developed with German ingenuity to the highest quality standards, BAIER has been manufacturing advanced solutions for PROFESSIONALS since 1938. Our tools have set the highest standards in the industry and are famous for their durability and performance. BAIER, the inventor of the world’s first percussion drill continues with the innovative diamond core drilling machines and diamond channel cutters – BAIER tools will ensure that you’re always ahead of times!

Each BAIER tool comes with the know-how and the experience of decades of development and design engineering.

Besides the hammer drill, BAIER invented also the metal cutting handsaw and the wall chaser. This spirit of innovation has been continued until today in the entire BAIER company. As a result, the constant development and improvement of our tools not only make the work for the professional user easier, but also help to save money by offering a wide range of applications. BAIER today offers a range of tools for the most demanding requirements – high quality and technically sophisticated power tools for trade and industry. Along with our subsidiaries in Denmark, France and Italy, we now distribute our tools world-wide.

We take care of things for you!

Every machine is carefully assembled from high-quality materials – the work of many busy hands is hereby combined with technological knowledge and many years of experience: know-how on which you can continue to rely in future.

Manufactory “Made in Germany” for you as our customers means:

  • the constant enhancement of products
  • a wide range of products for craftsmen and industry
  • top-quality workmanship
  • constant quality controls 


1938 Foundation of the company in Stuttgart-Münster.

The first electric metal cutting handsaw has been developed, patents were secured at home and abroad.

1953 Invention of the world’s first percussion drill; moving into new location in Ludwigsburg.
1957 The BAIER wall chasing machine was introduced – a world novelty.
1963 Introduction of a new series of rotary and chipping hammers, screws as well as plaster millers.
1971 Foundation of BAIER S.A.R.L in France.
1972 The BAIER face milling machine has set a new standard in renovation.
1973 Foundation of BAIER S.A.R.L in France.
1989 Introduction of diamond channel cutters, diamond wet core drilling machines and diamond dry core drilling machines.
1992 Foundation of BAIER SCANDINAVIA APS in Denmark.
1995 Introduction of a new series of diamond channel cutters and diamond dry core drilling machines.
2001 The diamond tool program for drilling and milling duties was further developed and completed.
2004 Introduction of the new patented diamond wet drilling machine BDB 802 with integrated water container.
2005 Enlarging of the wet core drilling range from Ø 6 mm to 420 mm, development of a new 3 kW engine.
2006 Development of the safety care package SAFENESS.
2007 Successful introduction of the world’s unique diamond channel cutter BDN 463/4 with 4 blades – finished slots in a single working step.
2008 Introduction of the handy concrete milling machine BDS 125 und BDS 125N.
2009 World novelty: dry coring in concrete with reinforcement is possible with BDB 822A – BDB 827 and its specially designed TITANIUM core bits.
2010 Dry coring in special concrete of nuclear centers in record time.
2012 Development of an automatic rail system for milling focused on the nuclear power industry.
2013 Development of the individual drill stands BST 200 and BST 250.