Titan – Pro Plus Dry Core Bits


Professional Plus Series

The Titan is our ultra-high quality dry core bit, made for use with the Baier* dry core drill system**. This bit was manufactured to extremely high specifications in order for it to perform with the Baier dry coring system. This is the only core bit endorsed by the manufacturer to work with their dry drill. No other dry core drill or coring system can drill an 8″ diameter hole without any water, through reinforced(#7 Rebar) concrete!

*Baier – Manufacturer founded in 1938 in Stuttgart, Germany. They are right next to the Porsche factory.

**Dry core drill system – The Baier BDB 825 Drill, BSS 606L Vacuum and the Titan core bit. This is what makes up the Baier Dry Core Drill System.

Baier’s Dry Core Drill and Vacuum System.

  • Laser welded
  • Segment height 10mm
  • Applications: concrete, reinforced concrete
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